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Anthony Robinson


​Determination is a quality that everyone can possess. And to Anthony, it is something that he believes not only every athlete should carry, but every person who walks through our door. Anthony is confident in training anyone. From kids and teenagers to adults and professional athletes alike, Anthony treats every person equally, and looks for way to develop a positive, and personal relationship with everyone he works with. For him, coaching is being that highlight in someone’s day, and helping them reach not only athletic or performance goals, but overall health and daily living goals as well.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Level Method Certified Trainer
Associates Degree in Applied Exercise Science
Associates Degree of Arts
Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


Trainer/Nutrition Coach/Manager

I believe health is a key to happiness.  Our bodies do so much for us, they have so much potential, it is crucial that we respect and protect them!  Working out and eating well is about so much more than just looking good in a bathing suit or weighing a certain number on the scale.  It is my life passion to help you feel good about yourself throughout every chapter of your health journey! I want you to  feel healthier, more confident, and stronger (physically and mentally) than you ever knew possible – and it is possible! I love watching my clients form a better relationship with food, do things with weights they did not know they could do, and gain a new appreciation and confidence in themselves along the way!


IFBB Professional Women's Physique Athlete
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
HSN Nutrition Coach


Doug Adams


CF Certs well, all of them, he loves coaching so he can help others get in shape and to spread his wealth of fitness knowledge to the members. He’s unique because he’s actually a trust-fund baby on the run, and he’s at AA so he can get in good enough condition to face his fears and return to his home town and fight crime in disguise.

Kristen Morris


Loves coaching because she believes in crossfit, health, and all that happy shit. She is unique because after trying to rid herself of sanity by having 4 boys, she decided to coach a bunch of old children. Rumor has it that she actually has a metal endoskeleton and an enhanced medulla oblongata, thus allowing her to tolerate inhuman amounts of frustration and pain.

Damon Dukes

Trainer / Owner

When it comes to training Damon believes that we all have the same needs in heath and wellness, the difference is in the degree. This means not everyone will respond to the same style of training and motivation. Damon takes pride in his ability to train anyone from a 16 year old trying to make the varsity squad to the baby boomer who needs assistance to stand. The balance of Compassion and Competence is what sets Damon apart from the Competition.


ACE Cert Personal Trainer
Les Mills National Trainer
TRX Cert Team Trainer
Crossfit Level 2 Trainer
Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer
Crossfit Sports Specific Trainer


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